Brand exposure is the key to the increase in sales both online and offline. Unless the brand conveys the concept of your service or product to the masses, you cant expect a surge in the demand. People love stickers because they are fun and colorful. That's one of the many reasons why sticker marketing plays a significant role but silently in the promotional campaigns of the new products. 

1. Age-appropriate designs

One of the interesting ways of reaching the target customers is to design the car stickers according to the standard age of the target customers. For instance, when you are launching a new range of toys, you have to come up with very vibrant and colorful decals for the cars.

  • The young ones will definitely find an interest in the colorful stickers, and they will become the channel to reach the parents who will be actually paying for the products. 
  • Unless the sticker is age-appropriate, target customers cannot connect to the company or the product. For example, when you are designing T-shirts for only senior citizens, either the tagline or the artwork should show something related to the older adults for immediate connection.

Any expert team of designers will always focus on creating a design that will appeal to the target age group.

2. Everybody can be brand ambassadors

The top brands always sign up the popular media people to represent the brand. But what if you can make everyone the brand ambassador of your company? The appeal will be in multiples. 

You can design the inexpensive car decals and distribute them may be free of cost at some events. People who put them up on the car naturally become the representatives of the company. You can further allure them with special discounts for those who put these decals on the car windows. Common people are ready to do such stuff if they get attractive discounts. 

3. A mean of interaction

Ask the designers to keep the decals precise, simple, but attractive. Ask why?

  • You don't have to pay much for making such decals.
  • People won't mind putting stickers on the cars that are precise but can make a brand go viral.
  • Handing them out for free instead of your business card will be a great way to spread the business further. 

Thus, the effect will widen the pool of prospective converts. 

4. Raise questions

Your aim is to generate curiosity. So make serial of stickers where the first set will ask a question to make people curious. And the second, after a certain time gap, will reveal the brand name in the context of the question to make people visit your store immediately, if only out of curiosity. 

5. Use premium stock

Although you might be looking for the decals to minimize the expense of marketing but using the cheap stickers will lower the brand's value. Therefore, always use the premium quality or at least the standard one so that onlookers don't dismiss your company with the first look at the poor-grade stickers.